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Paper Report Packs

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Start off on the right foot setting up your Fishbowl implementation with our Paper Report Packs.

Save by purchasing two or more report styles!

Report Styles Included

Pick from the following report styles per quantity of report changes. For example, if you ordered 2 Paper Report Packs in the Quantity section above, you can pick two (2) report styles from this list below.

  • Sales Order
  • Sales Order as Invoice
  • Sales Order Receipt
  • Point of Sale Receipt
  • Purchase Order
  • Transfer Order
  • Work Order Traveler
  • Manufacture Order Traveler
  • Shipping Packing List
  • Pick Ticket
  • Pick Report
  • Shipping Packing List
  • Shipping Bill Of Lading
  • Shipping Invoice

Report Styles Not Included

  • Any analytical or tabular reports.
  • Any reports not listed in the included section.
  • Modification of previously developed reports.
  • Reports with dynamic elements, for example: a Shipping Packing List designed for multiple customer logos/designs.

How It Works

  1. Select the number of Paper Report Packs you wish to order.
  2. Complete your order at checkout.
  3. You will receive an order confirmation and an ILC team member will reach out by email to begin the process.
  4. You must submit one PDF/image per template with your requested modifications. Please send all PDF/images in one email.
  5. An ILC team member will setup a review appointment to call you to confirm the changes, and write to you via email the changes detailed in the phone call.
  6. The order will then be setup in our development queue.
  7. Once all templates are complete, samples using the Fishbowl Example database will be sent to you for your review.
  8. Customers are allowed up to three revision rounds.
  9. Once accepted, an installation appointment is made, and we install the completed paper report templates into your Fishbowl and show you how to setup Module Associations, Default Reports, and User Rights.


  1. Customers must complete their order within 3 months of purchase, thereafter the order is cancelled.
  2. Customers must cooperate with scheduling, installation, or review requests within two (2) weeks of the initial request. If we receive no response from the customer, the order is cancelled.
  3. With this product we are unable to provide Fishbowl Support, Fishbowl Consulting, or Fishbowl Training. Please consider scheduling a consulting appointment with our team.
  4. Customers who wish to see examples using their Fishbowl Data must create a Fishbowl Database with example transactions for us to use in example generation. Please have this ready before we begin report development.


How long will my order take to complete?

Typically, a project will start within two (2) calendar weeks, with full completion within six (6) calendar weeks. However, we do not guarantee a firm delivery date. We work requests in a First In, First Out basis.

Is there a way for us to get faster service?

We do offer billable hour projects, but they are not capped like the flat-rate service offered here. However, they are limited to team-member availability. Emergency service is available, please call our office number for details.

I just have one small change, why is it so expensive?

We are including the project management and expectation that we will have to provide a certain level of service to complete the order. New customers that wish to schedule a 1-on-1 consultant appointment may do so on our main website (

Existing customers may send in a report request to their account managers as normal, this product is not intended for customers with existing relationships.

What if I have more than five (5) reports?

In that case, we do suggest that you work with us under a billable hour engagement. Not all reports will require the same level of effort, and it may be more cost beneficial for you.

Can I include logos and other media?

Yes. However, not all logo files will work with Fishbowl, and may require conversion to PNG or BMP file types. We are currently unable to support vector (EPS, SVG, WMF) art.

Can I include custom fonts?

Yes. However, not all font files will work within Fishbowl, so please consider an alternate font choice. We cannot guarantee your custom font will work.

What if I update Fishbowl?

At this time, any templates that do not continue to work within Fishbowl after a Fishbowl update will require billable hours from ILC to adjust.

What happens if my order is cancelled?

We will offer a 50% refund up to 30 days from cancellation notice. Otherwise, no refund will be issued after 60 days from cancellation.

What if I want to cancel before I started the order process?

In that case, our standard Refund Policy applies. You can find our standard Refund Policy on our main website.

What happens if I lose the report files?

Just ask us for a copy of your reports, we will be happy to supply them. However, if you need help installing, we will need to set up a billable hour ticket for the session.