ILC ShipWorks Integration

ILC ShipWorks Integration

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If you use Fishbowl as your ERP and ship using ShipWorks, manually entering order data back and forth between the two systems can be a cumbersome and laborious process which can lead to typos and incorrect data. The ILC ShipWorks Integration for Fishbowl Inventory solves that problem by automatically sending order information back and forth between these two systems as an easy-to-install Windows service. Set it and forget it!

As orders enter Fishbowl and are prepared for shipment, the data is moved to ShipWorks automatically for the order to be processed. As shipping labels are created, the tracking and shipment information are sent back to Fishbowl, the shipment status is updated, and the order is fulfilled. This reduces the potential for errors and speeds up the shipping process while giving you all the benefits of both Fishbowl and ShipWorks.


  • Avoid copying and pasting addresses from Fishbowl to ShipWorks

  • Complete Fishbowl shipments automatically by shipping in ShipWorks

  • Save money by using ShipWorks’ advanced shipping rules to select the best shipping rates

  • Grow your sales with Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime support by ShipWorks

  • Ship quickly with a direct connection from ShipWorks to Fishbowl


  • Enables ShipWorks to download orders from Fishbowl using ShipWorks' Generic Store functionality

  • Order mapping is customizable, including shipping information, carrier, custom fields, and item data (includes free data mapping support, see below)

  • Enables ShipWorks to transmit completed orders from ShipWorks to Fishbowl instantly

  • Completed orders record tracking numbers, carton costs, weight, and marks the order as Shipped in Fishbowl

  • Installs as a Windows Background Service for on demand access to Fishbowl data

  • Connects to Fishbowl on an as-needed basis, reducing Fishbowl seat-consumed licensing needs by disconnecting for no activity

See our product support site for default mapping details.


  • Fishbowl Inventory 2019+

  • ShipWorks Version 5.0+

  • Windows Server 2012 or newer

  • .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher

  • Point to Point Firewall Configuration

See our product support site for more details.


  • ILC will not, at any time, offer general or specific ShipWorks training

  • Customers with previous ShipWorks experience are best suited for this product

Please review our product EULA for more details.

What’s Included

  • One ShipWorks Integration License for One Fishbowl Company

  • One 2-Hour Installation Appointment

  • Software Updates for Fishbowl and ShipWorks Compatibility

  • Free Data Mapping Support (by telephone appointment only)


  • Free 2-Hour Installation Support

  • Free 15-Minute Telephone Support (with Billable Support after 30 Minutes)

  • Free Email Support as needed

Purchasing this product does not include free consulting advice, help, or additional services provided by Israel Lopez Consulting.

Return and Refund Policy

Please review our Return and Refund Policy and our general Terms and Conditions page regarding cancellations, returns, and refunds.

Downloading This Product

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