ILC Mass Apply Plugin
ILC Mass Apply Plugin
ILC Mass Apply Plugin
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ILC Mass Apply Plugin

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ILC's Mass Apply Plugin for Fishbowl Inventory is an easy way to manage your Custom Fields within Fishbowl. Quickly update several records with only a few clicks. Save yourself the hassle of updating Sales Orders, Bill of Materials, Parts, and many more Fishbowl modules. This easy-to-use tool appears as a button in your Fishbowl client, allowing quick access to the tool.

Using it is easy, just paste in your desired records to update and set your new values for each module’s Custom Fields, then click Mass Apply, and the plugin takes care of the rest! What used to take several minutes now takes seconds to complete.

Mass Apply is great for updating statuses of orders, logistics planning, and order scheduling. Instead of spending time creating a spreadsheet and importing the records, quickly copy and paste your updates in a flash. Customers consider using Custom Fields more if there was an easier way to update records. Mass Apply provides that functionality quickly and efficiently.


  • Apply the same Custom Field values to multiple records in just a few clicks

  • Save more of your team’s time when managing Custom Field data

  • Discover an improved workflow from Custom Fields when using Mass Apply

  • Update records in seconds


  • Updates Custom Fields in the Following Modules:

  • Bill of Materials

  • Company

  • Customer

  • Manufacture Order

  • Part

  • Purchase Order

  • Product

    • RMA

    • Shipping

    • Sales Order

    • Transfer Order

    • User

    • Vendor

    • Work Order

    • Updates in two parts, provide your new values, and the targeted records!

    See our product support site for default mapping details.


    • Fishbowl 2019.6 and above

    See our product support site for more details.

    Notices and Limitations

    • Currently does not handle line item custom fields ** TBD Soon

    • Currently does not handle clearing custom field values ** TBD Soon

    • There is no undo once you apply ** Version 3 TBD

    Please review our product EULA for more details.

    What’s Included

    • One Fishbowl Java Plugin

    • Licensed to one Fishbowl Company (Named)


    • Free email support with 3 Business Day Response

    • Free 15 minute scheduled support meetings

    Purchasing this product does not include free consulting advice, help, or additional services provided by Israel Lopez Consulting.

    Return and Refund Policy

    Please review our Return and Refund Policy and our general Terms and Conditions page regarding cancellations, returns, and refunds.

    Downloading This Product

    This product will be delivered via an email from with a link to your download.  See our Product Download Guide on order delivery.

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